Desire Outcome from my journey into Orgasmic Meditation

On April 5th, I will be throwing myself into this journey called Orgasmic Mediation. I will get real and raw with a whole bunch of strangers. I will be experiencing things that I have never experienced, with strangers. I will be talking about my life and my desires and my fears, with strangers. I am not afraid of this journey at all. I welcome this journey. I welcome the connection, and the raw truth. I welcome transparency. I think I have found my tribe of like minded people. I just have to travel to California to meet them. I am so blessed to have found OneTaste, and Orgasmic Meditation. As a therapist and sex coach, I believe this is going to give me the edge I have been looking for.

One of the first assignments is to write a Desire Outcome.  Here’s to making dreams a reality.

Charity will feel love from others, without manipulation or unrealistic agendas. Charity will experience love from men and for men, without sex or feeding them (cooking). Charity will experience love with women without judgement or criticism, and without feeling like She is not the “right kind of woman”. Charity will radiate positive energy into her world, and life, and not feel fake about it. Charity will grow her therapy practice by bringing more people into the realm of orgasmic living. Charity will grow a friend base of like minded individuals, whom she can be herself, without apologizing, and without shielding her desires or needs or fears. Charity will live her authentic life, and she will flourish professionally, personally, financially, and in physical health.

Charity is confident, outspoken, and able to network herself to others without feeling shy, fear, or less than. Charity no longer feels less than others. Charity is proud and confident in who she is. Charity has a strong relationship with women and men. She has good friends, whom she can live and act authentic with. Charity has transformed her therapy practice to a well known, successful Sex therapy and Sex coaching firm; in which she is using the OM practice to enlighten and transform the lives of others. The coaching practice is growing and brings with it new, financial security and professional growth. Charity now has a true thriving business, with employees and programs.