Low Sexual Desire The Village

Low sex drive or also referred to as low libido, can wreak chaos on our self-esteem, self-confidence, and even our relationships.  When you suffer from low sex drive, therapy or counseling may be a portion of the solution. A qualified sex therapist, from Evanescence Counseling in The Village, OK, can help whether your issue is the result of a medical condition, arousal problems, or relationship issues.

Low sexual desire, in The Village, can be associated with many symptoms.  The symptoms can be concerning for our clients including: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inability to reach an orgasm, or even pain during intercourse.

After ruling out all medical or biological causes, then it may be time to have a session with a sex therapist about low sex drive.  A dependable sex therapist can help in the process of re-igniting your sex drive. If the loss of your libido is due to an underlying medical condition, then the sex therapist can focus on the psychological effects of your symptoms.  The psychological effects will affect your mood, lead to frustration, and create relationship tension.  Even in The Village, OK, there is no downside to seeing a sex therapist. Your therapist or counselor will provide your partner with needed information to help them understand why you’re experiencing a low sex drive.  For women, particularly, tend to blame themselves and think that a man’s low sex drive is related to the way she appears or what she’s doing or not doing.  These thoughts take a toll on her self-consciousness and add undue pressure he feels to have sex.

Communication is a large part of the process of resolution. Sex therapists like to use open ended questions to spur conversation and unconstrained communication. In the sessions, the patients learn about caring for each other, showing appreciation, and remembering the brain searches for novelty and stimulation. Inhibited sexual desire is one of the most common complaints of couples seeking sex therapy. Evanescence Counselors has found couples suffering from low sexual activity usually do not fantasize about sex or initiate sex.

If you or your partner, are experiencing a drop in sexual desire and need assistance in bringing it back to life, Evanescence Counseling is ready to help.  You can book an appointment, or have your questions answered by our team, in The Village, by simply calling (405) 367-9190, or contact us via this website.