Charity - Holistic Sex and Relationship Therapist and Coach

Charity Danker, LPC

Charity Danker is a mental health therapist who works with clients to create personalized plans to meet their specific needs. Her method includes carefully helping clients analyze the root of their concerns, build healthy communication skills, set boundaries, and ultimately overcome emotional or relational challenges. The most fulfilling part of her job is to witness her clients reach greater happiness and satisfaction with themselves and/or in their relationships.


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Jacob Butler, LPC Therapist Candidate

Jacob Butler is a LPC therapist candidate and a soon-to-be graduate of St. Gregory's University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He joins Evanescence Counseling as both a therapist and as an acupuncture & massage specialist. Jacob feels passionately about traditional Chinese medicine, as it has been key to helping him overcome migraines and other health challenges. He's trained at the South West Acupuncture College and most recently at Oklahoma Healing Arts Institute.