At one time or another in your life you have trusted and confided in a friend, loved one, or another person. We all do hoping to find what we are looking for whether it is advice, validation, or simply someone to just listen.  However, did this person truly listen and allow you to express your deepest thoughts and emotions? Were you able to dig way down and find the true root cause of the problem? Rarely, we require a time to discuss things deeper, and during those times we need a person that is more knowledgeable and has the tools to assist.  Tools that will facilitate the knowledge of why we are feeling a certain way or assist in working through a difficult time in our lives.  Our family and friends love and care for us such that often they mean well but lack the clinical knowledge to dig significantly deep enough to bring out the emotion and feelings we are inclined to suppress.  The failure to discover the root cause of an issue leaves only treating the symptoms and never really solving the problem.  Mustang, OK residents should not feel alone.  Evanescence Counseling is nearby and ready to help you through this tough time.

Mental Health Therapy, Counseling, or Talk Therapy are all very effective when dealing with the pressures and stresses of everyday life, especially when they start to have a negative effect.  Each client is different and the specific type and length of therapy required will depend on your personal situation and overall treatment plan, for Mustang clients. Dealing with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences and other specific areas that can directly have a positive impact on your recovery is a direct result of conversations with a therapist or counselor. We understand how hard or unnatural it may be to talk and open up with a therapist or counselor regarding your personal problems.  These things take time to build trust.  However, counseling can help you come to terms with life problems, while offering an emotional release and a general feeling of being listened to, understood and supported.  We know sometimes a psychiatrist may be required and we can refer as required by your personal needs, within the Mustang, OK surrounding area.

What can Mustang Mental Therapy or Counseling help you to do?

  • Grow to a point where you feel stronger in the face of challenges
  • Build relationship skills
  • Discover and heal pains from the past
  • Enhance the problem-solving skills you already possess and learn new ones
  • Learn to cope with symptoms
  • Develop the ability to handle strong emotions like fear, grief or anger
  • Discover and formulate your goals
  • Grow and strengthen your self-confidence
  • Recognize and change behaviors that are holding you back
  • Examine and look at ways of thinking that affect how you feel

As the foremost provider of mental health therapy and counseling services for Mustang, OK area, Evanescence Counseling offers a mix of quality services.  Our services include: Mental Health Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Sex Therapy, Pre-marital Counseling, and other issue specific services.

Establishing Expectations for Your Mustang Mental Health Therapy and Counseling

Your unique situation requires specific parameters for the therapy your undertaking.  Therapy can be short or longer-term.  50 minutes is the length of a standard counseling session, characteristically one time per week.  Once more, the number and frequency of times you meet with the counselor depends on your program.  The first session will be unique and markedly different from future visits. The initial visit is more of a “getting to know you” session and will assist your therapist in getting an idea of how to move forward with your treatment.  Sessions are easy to attend since we are in Mustang, OK area.

Most importantly, with mental health therapy and counseling, is you have the right to feel safe and respected.  We practice confidentiality; yet, we respect your concerns and particularly we want to know if you’re concerned and welcome further discussion.  It is customarily understood that a therapist respects your privacy; and that group members adhere to the same code of conduct, if you’re part of group meeting. Therapy should address your needs, goals, concerns and desires. If you’re going to be talking to someone about your most personal thoughts, you need to feel comfortable and have complete trust in the counselor.

Getting the Most Out of Therapy

Therapy is more successful if there is a trusting partnership between you and the therapist, essentially a give and take.  It is not productive if you just sit there! We want you to be an active part of your sessions. Your input and commitment will strengthen your therapy in a variety of ways.  We want to know what you want to achieve from your sessions.  Please provide your counselor with your treatment goals. Consider and communicate if there are certain behaviors or issues you care about most and need to address. Most importantly, keep an open mind. Be open to new ways of behaving and open to modifying your thinking.  These changes may improve your quality of life.  We are creatures of habit and resist change. Expect the unexpected and do not be surprised if you are tempted to quit, which is usually right before real changes occurs.

If at any time, inform your counselor or therapist, you think you’re not making progress.  If your therapist knows then adjustments can be made. Our mental health therapists and counselors want to work with you, allowing you to receive the most out of your sessions.  Finally, be open and honest. Your therapist can’t assist if you don’t share the whole picture. Don’t say you’re fine or ok when you’re not.

Mental health therapy and counseling in Mustang, OK is all about you and getting you better.  Evanescence Counseling is dedicated to that proposition and will work with you to meet all your goals. The most important thing do is to get started.  Take that first big step, because your problem isn’t going to go away until you address it. Should you have any questions concerning these services, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact us or call (405) 367-9190.