Individual and family counseling are therapy focused on specific therapeutic activities, at Evanescence Counseling.  Relationship counseling is focused on the relational interactions and communications of two unique individuals.  We are often asked by Mustang clients, does relationship counselling actually work?  What is the likelihood counseling sessions will save a marriage that has been consumed by constant negative arguing? The honest truth, it takes two to make a relationship work, both parties must be focused and willing participants.  What if the couple already loathes each other’s company?  The outcome is solely up to the parties involved.  If one is not committed it will not work. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists report a 98 percent success rate in terms of satisfied couples who attend relationship counseling sessions.  Open-mindedness is the ultimate requirement for working with a relationship counseling.  Furthermore, a willingness to listen to the other partner is essential. Aside from those big success driving factors, there are four other lessons that were apparent among the couples studied.

  • The first few visits are informational – Major conflict should not be expected.  Therefore, stay open minded. A simple question and answer session will allow the counselor to ask both partners to explain their history. This important step allows for the establishment of a counseling foundation.
  • It’s not all about “Uh huh” and “Tell me why you feel that way.”  – this is a time to dig deep and open up to your partner.
  • This is not about he said, she said. – No winner is present in a game of he said, she said. We do not recommend blaming and victimization.
  • Relationship counselling is focused on developing a new relationship with each other and not continuing on with the current status quo.

Mustang, OK couples and relationship partners built a trust in the successful process set forth in the extraordinary relationship counseling offered by Evanescence Counseling.

What are the main reasons for strife in Mustang, OK relationships?

The common cause for strife in relationships are disagreements regarding sex and money.  Conflicts over these issues become particularly intense, even resulting in divorce.  Couples and partners tend to argue about other issues and these can put additional strain on a relationship.  Relationship counseling can address and even assist in the resolution of differences.

  • Anger Management Issues
  • Career Versus Family Commitment
  • Loss of Romance or Passion
  • Household Chores
  • Affairs
  • Communication Styles
  • Child Care
  • In-laws and Extended Family
  • Substance Abuse Issues

Evanescence Counseling is non-judgmental and unbiased towards the outcome of relationship counseling.  You will get out of relationship counseling exactly what you put in it.  If you and your partner are committed and work hard, and between, sessions, it will result in a deeper, satisfying relationship than ever imagined.  Once you reach your goals, we recommend touching base with the therapist regularly.  Staying on track and focused is crucial.

On the flip side, some relationships, are unhealthy.  Couples grow apart over time to where they no longer share the same beliefs, attitudes, or basic life goals. In these unfortunate situations, relationship counseling helps the couple part ways as serenely as possible, while learning from the conflict. The result of your relationship counseling is up to you and your partner, either positively or negatively.

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