Evanescence Counseling offers individual counseling, in Yukon, OK, via outpatient therapy services.  Our individual counseling has been developed for individuals, adults and couples who are undergoing life transitions, lacking balance in their lives, or for assistance with mental health matters. Depression, anxiety, or struggling with uncomfortable symptoms, whether for the first time or for years, individual counseling may be beneficial.  Especially, if this is your first time seeking counseling, it is totally realistic that you are experiencing a little worry and consternation concerning the process.  Please remember, we know that it takes a lot of strength and courage to recognize the need to seek out professional help and to follow through!

Evanescence Counseling concentrates on individual counseling for matters such as anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, stress, trauma, grief, and stage of life issues. Moreover, for our clients in Yukon, Evanescence provides pre-marital, marital counseling and couples counseling to assist in all stages of your relationship.

The main point of anxiety, for most new Yukon clients, is trusting the counselor and comprehending Evanescence Counseling offers understanding, care, support and tools for you in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  All individual counseling achievement goals are custom designed to fit the needs of the individual.  Each goal is developed from the assistance of the client.  The major goals of therapy are to assist you to better tolerate distress, experience your emotions without feeling overwhelmed, and regain and create additional balance and respect in your relationships. Do you want to make improvement in your life?  What areas should that involve?  We will help you answer these questions and discover more!

Individual counseling is designed to provide “therapeutic intimacy” to incentivize further discussion of complex problems, such as: relationship problems, childhood problems, and problems resulting from employment, career or personal life changes.  Our individual counseling services, in Yukon, are available for adults, adolescents and children.  As previously mentioned, Individual therapy offers a safe environment to discuss identity issues, concerns about one’s intimate relationship, or specific feelings of depression or anxiety.  We sometimes find, during moments of stress, we find ourselves overeating, misuse or abuse alcohol or other substances, or engaging in other destructive behaviors. Through the process of learning better coping skills and strategies, while facing perplexing and often contradictory feelings, can be productive steps towards living a happier and healthier life.  Painful problems, that we often try to avoid or push down deep, can be dealt with more intimately within an individual session.  These agonizingly difficult issues can include sexual, emotional or physical abuse in childhood or adulthood, dysfunctional family issues, or deep depressions and suicidal feelings.  For some, locating a trusting a safe environment to address these concerns will often breakdown the wall of isolation and allow for healing to begin. Yukon clients have problems related to relationships.  Relationships with intimate partners, parents and children, or friends.  In an individual counseling session, the therapist can serve as a “safe space” to examine and explore these feelings and problems.

If time is your concern, it helps to understand that Individual sessions are typically the standard 50-minute session on a weekly basis.  More frequent or longer sessions are dictated by your individual program or plan. 

Should you have any questions concerning these services, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact Evanescence Counseling or call (405) 367-9190.