Marriage Counseling

  • Marriage Counseling is not typically covered by insurance and will not be billed to insurance.*

I’m passionate about meeting couples who are struggling with hurtful interactions, frustrating conflicts, and confusing patterns. My goal is to create a safe space built on acceptance, compassion, and understanding in order for them to restore their connection and forgive one another. I can help untangle the old hurts – whatever that might mean for each couple – so they have the best chance at finding healing again!
I specialize not only in basic communication issues but emotional intelligence problems as well as conflict resolution techniques, from repairing after infidelity or sexual imbalance/dysfunction all the way through open relationships & alternative lifestyles too. No matter what life throws your way, we’ll make it work together!

A second option from weekly counseling sessions is my Concentrated Couple’s Counseling, an intensive, therapeutic retreat and a revolutionary way to repair your relationship through 6-12 hours of in-depth, one-on-one counseling, all in one weekend. Sometimes 1 hour a week for 8-10 weeks can be too difficult to schedule and slow for couples needing more concentrated care. Concentrated Couple’s Counseling is for couples who find themselves stuck and looking for ways to help progress in their relationship. The format has a minimum of 6 hours of focused counseling sessions over a 2-day period and then 2 hours of follow-up afterward. The warm, safe, grace-filled, and concentrated environment helps break down communication obstacles, uncover hidden barriers, and move participants quickly to core issues. This therapy option is led by Charity, LPC, CST.