Family Therapy The Village

The majority, of The Village, OK residents, have heard the term family therapy, but do not know or understand the functional need or benefits.  The goal, of Evanescence Counseling, in family therapy, is to bring together parents, siblings and extended family members including aunts, uncles and grandparents into the treatment process. The family system, which is tremendously important, possesses its own structure and patterns of communication.  The structures and communication patterns are often well-defined and encircled by parenting style, personalities and other influences. Understanding the fundamental concept that every individual is, in part, a product of the environment they grew up in and how it plays a large part of the person they are today.  Studies and observations have the shown the importance family plays in our emotional, physical and spiritual development because every individual, in the family system, impacts and is impacted the other members.

The benefits of family therapy are multilayered and may be helpful to the family in the following areas:

  • Address the role that family plays in an individual’s life
  • Specific issue resolution
  • Major life change such as a divorce, remarriage, or health issue preparation

The family members invited and allowed to participate in family therapy session, in The Village, directly depends on the unique requirements and goals of the family.  Occasionally, each session may be different, whereas different combinations of family members may be present and asked to participate.  Assignments are common, outside the session.  The family therapist may assign family members special assignments to begin the process of addressing a portion of the challenges identified during the session.  Each assignment will be addressed in a later session to examine progress and determine further actions if necessary.

Family therapy is also valuable to the individuals involved.  Specific evaluation can help an individual family member:

  • Understand how their family functions
  • Improve communication skills
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within the family system
  • Set goals and develop strategies to resolve challenges

The end result is to make the entire family stronger and closer.

Evanescence Counseling often uses family therapy in conjunction with other types of mental health treatment, mainly if one or more family members will benefit from specialized treatment for addictions, eating disorders or other illnesses.  When a loved one is in treatment, we often encourage every immediate or highly involved family member to undergo individual therapy.

Family therapy is directed toward, and often is successful, at treating many conditions and disorders.  Our The Village counseling team is focused and designed for anyone seeking healthier, closer family relationships. Evanescence Counseling employs family therapy to treat a wide variety of conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Problems between siblings
  • Marital problems
  • Parent-child conflict
  • The effects of illness on the family

Family therapy helps in the growth and strengthening of the foundational bond of families, the individuals, and the relationships involved.

If you’re looking to strengthen and grow your family relationships and bonds or address a more severe issue effecting the health of your family structure, please contact Evanescence Counseling today, in The Village, and let us help. (405) 367-9190