Life Coach The Village

Do you feel stuck or in a familiar rut?  Or maybe, you have fallen into a midlife crisis and you just need a little help to back on track.  Whatever, the reason, Evanescence Counseling, in The Village, OK, is ready to assist on your journey.  Right now, your just on a pit stop along the long journey we call life. There comes a time for each of us that we need a little assistance and redirection in finding our true purpose and life goals.

When we were teenagers, we had huge plans for our lives.  We were going to be millionaires, presidents, doctors, or even lawyers.  Some met their goals and some of us came up a little short.  You may have reached your goal, but the result was more hollow than you imagined.  If you did not reach your goal, we can examine why and address how to get there, or even if its still your life’s goal.  Life has a way of changing gears and redirecting our focus.  As we like to say, life is inclined to get in the way.

Evanescence Counseling offers an oasis for busy The Village residents to pause, reflect, and tune in to their own greatness, before choosing their next big spring forward.  The thing you want to change is unimportant to the process.  The process is the constantly the same and we can assist in navigating its path. Working together, in tandem, we identify what matters most to you, what has been limiting you, and then design a personalized action plan to help you advance toward your ultimate goal. Most importantly, accountability is the tool used to take focused action and remain on track.

What areas does a life coach, in The Village, help or assist with?

  • People and Relationships – This area may focus on increasing your emotional intimacy, locating you a soul mate, cultivate healthy support networks, or learn effective communication.
  • Career, Work, Business – The goal could be to improve start or grow your business, career satisfaction, transition to a fulfilling career, or simply transform your money mindset.
  • Emotional and Physical Well-being – The goal for this area of your live may consist of losing weight and gaining energy, the elimination of worries, stress and anxiety, or the development of healthy habits.
  • Personal growth – This area supports the other three while focusing on its own elemental goals of: improvement of self-esteem and confidence, the addition of increased play, adventure, and creativity to your life, or the realization of your true potential.

If you are dedicated to your personal growth, you are open to new perspectives, and you are ready for things to change, this is the quickest way to achieve your desired results. Evanescence Counseling’s life coaching is essentially about following your own unique path.  We will assist in discovering what really excites you, what is meaningful to you, and what has been holding you back. Together, you will grow and become more confident.

If your ready and willing to work hard to achieve what your really meant for, then contact our team, in The Village, OK, today and let’s get you started on the path to true excellence and life fulfillment.  (405) 367-9190