Therapy is an investment in your health.



$100.00 per 50 minute session M-F 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
$150.00 per 90 minute session or after hours, 7:00 pm and Weekends

Psychotherapy for all. We work with mental health and sexual disorders. Psychotherapy may qualify for insurance reimbursement.

New year special: $70.00 for first 6 sessions. Does not include weekend or 7:00 pm appointment times. 

Package Deals: 4 sessions for $340.00, 6 sessions for $510.00, 8 sessions for $640.00. Packages must be paid in full to get the discount. Does not include weekend or 7:00 pm appointment times. 


Do you desire a fuller life? I can help.  Looking for a more active approach to your growth. I can help. I am Charity Danker and I now offer life coaching? This is not billable to insurance. This is very interactive and desire based. I am not an accountability coach. I am a desire based coach. I can help guide you to your best life. Coaching can be used for life skills, career, and sexual issues, relationships and more.
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