Sex therapy in Oklahoma City

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Evanescence Counseling is proud to offer sex therapy to clients who desire a more fulfilling sexual relationship. Our clients may be experiencing a variety of sexual concerns, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus (pain during sex), low sex drive, sexual trauma, a lack of a romantic connection, and an overall lack of trust with your partner. Psychotherapy may be able to help. Often sexual problems are really a symptom of mental health disorders, life stress, or past trauma. Understanding the myriad of external and internal influences will improve your sexual desire and intimacy.
Everyone deserves a satisfying sex life; we work together to help you learn the tools to overcome sexual challenges. Sex and intimacy therapy does not involve any form of touch by the therapist. It does involve a safe exploration of your sex life, sexual history and any issues that you feel might be holding you back.
Evanescence Counseling compassionate sex and intimacy counselors are here to help. Contact us today if you are struggling with your sexual self-esteem, want to form deeper connections with your partner(s), or are simply interested in getting in better touch with your sexuality.

A Sex Coach is a trained professional who will teach you how to be a better lover through verbal guidance as well as demonstrated hands-on practices to help guide you on your journey to deeper connections and intimacy with yourself and/or your partner(s). Most people have had sub-par sex education. We need to relearn what was taught to us about sex from someone who is educated and trained on the therapeutic benefits, someone that is not going to judge about what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

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The OM Method or Orgasmic Meditation is a 15-minute mindfulness practice combining the power of attention with the experience of orgasm. We redefine orgasm, from an event (the moment of climax), to a state of being. In OM, you learn how to feel the full range of sensation in your body. It is a fluid, non-linear approach. This is opposed to the typical goal-oriented drive towards climax that can take us out of the moment.
In OM, a partner gently strokes their partner(s) clitoris with the only goal being to feel the sensation. Taking off the goal and pressure is such a relief. People experience increased happiness, less stress and anxiety, and more empathetic, fulfilling relationships as a result.

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Couple’s Sensual Workshop: 2 day event: August 15, 2020 and August 16, 2020 From 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m 4 hours each day $500.00 per couple.

Connection is vital to our health and abundance in life. This workshop is for everyone, married or not. Have fun exploring each other’s bodies. Learn to ask for what you want in a rewarding way. Make connections between health, sexual vitality, and relationship harmony. We all desire real connection and it is a teachable skill. If you are open to learning and exploring sexuality; you can experience profound connection, trust, empowerment, and satisfaction. The workshop includes live demonstrations of sensual massage, Orgasmic Meditation, and Penis Massage.

Things you will learn:
1. Meditation to open your heart, even with past painful experiences
2. The difference between normal sex and conscious sex
3. Better understanding of boundaries, new agreements and communication skills
4. Tips and Practices for increasing connection and awakening desire.
5. Introduction to Partnered Body Consciousness Meditation (OM)
6. Experiential exercises in sensual massage and sensate focused.
** You will need to bring a partner, comfy clothes, massage oil, a blanket, 4-5 pillows, and an open heart.

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