Orgasmic Meditation Life Coaching, Orgasmic Meditation Training,  Emotional Support, Sex Coaching, Yoga, Massage, Breathwork, Premarital Counseling:

Do you desire a fuller life? I can help. Looking for a more active approach to your growth. I can help. I am Charity Danker and I now offer life coaching? This is not billable to insurance. This is very interactive and desire based. I am not an accountability coach. I am a desire based coach. I can help guide you to your best life. Coaching can be used for life skills, career, and sexual issues, relationships and more. I also teach breathwork, meditation, and have resources to offer massage therapy and yoga in house, with scheduled appointments.

Premarital Counseling:

The decision to get married is one of the most important decisions a couple can make. Preparing for a successful marriage can include developing a deeper understanding of relationships. Premarital counseling is intended as a beginning exploration of issues couples face in the early phases of marriage (and in the preparation for marriage).
Premarital counseling typically lasts between 6 to 10 weeks. Topic may include:

  • Communication skills
  • Anxieties and fears about being married
  • The complexities of sharing a life
  • Losing vs. negotiating one’s independence
  • Family of origin issues
  • Dependency and Inter-dependency
  • The problems of idealization, and the reality of waking up with bad breath
  • Ways in which each person’s history comes into play
  • Ways in which each partner’s parents’ relationship may affect their experience in the current relationship
  • The importance of patience and forgiveness