Orgasmic Meditation Life Coaching, Orgasmic Meditation Training,  Emotional Support, Sex Coaching, Yoga, Massage, Breathwork, Premarital Counseling:

Do you desire a fuller life? I can help. Looking for a more active approach to your growth. I can help. I am Charity Danker and I now offer life coaching? This is not billable to insurance. This is very interactive and desire based. I am not an accountability coach. I am a desire based coach. I can help guide you to your best life. Coaching can be used for life skills, career, and sexual issues, relationships and more. I also teach breathwork, meditation, and have resources to offer massage therapy and yoga in house, with scheduled appointments.


Couple’s Sensual Workshop: 2 day event: October 24th, 2020 and October 25th, 2020

From 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m 4 hours each day $500.00 per couple.
Connection is vital to our health and abundance in life. This workshop is for everyone, married or not. Have fun exploring each other’s bodies. Learn to ask for what you want in a rewarding way. Make connections between health, sexual vitality, and relationship harmony. We all desire real connection. It is a teachable skill. If you are open to learning and exploring sexuality; you can experience profound connection, trust, empowerment, and satisfaction. The workshop includes live demonstrations of sensual massage, Orgasmic Meditation, and Penis Massage.
Things you will learn:
1. Meditation to open your heart, even with past painful experiences
2. The difference between normal sex and conscious sex
3. Better understanding of boundaries, new agreements, communication skills
4. Tips and Practices for increasing connection and awakening desire.
5. Introduction to Partnered Body Consciousness Meditation (OM)
6. Experiential exercises in sensual massage and sensate focused.

** You would need to bring a partner, comfy clothes, massage oil, a blanket, 4-5 pillows, and an open heart.
For more information call or email.

Orgasmic Meditation Class $50.00 per person: This is a 3 hour class where I will cover the philosophy of Orgasmic Meditation. Find out how your entire life can be transformed by using the principles of Orgasmic Meditation. Also there will be a live demonstration and opportunity for everyone to try OM with a partner.

Premarital Counseling:

The decision to get married is one of the most important decisions a couple can make. Preparing for a successful marriage can include developing a deeper understanding of relationships. Premarital counseling is intended as a beginning exploration of issues couples face in the early phases of marriage (and in the preparation for marriage).
Premarital counseling typically lasts between 6 to 10 weeks. Topic may include:

  • Communication skills
  • Anxieties and fears about being married
  • The complexities of sharing a life
  • Losing vs. negotiating one’s independence
  • Family of origin issues
  • Dependency and Inter-dependency
  • The problems of idealization, and the reality of waking up with bad breath
  • Ways in which each person’s history comes into play
  • Ways in which each partner’s parents’ relationship may affect their experience in the current relationship
  • The importance of patience and forgiveness