Couples Sensual Massage Class

August 8th
4127 122nd St Suite E
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
$300 per couple
Have you ever wanted to learn massage techniques for the sole purpose of giving your partner a massage? 
Well now you can. In this 3 hour class you and a partner will receive a massage (1 at a time) while observing and being taught (by a licensed massage therapist) techniques for giving a sensuous massage.
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Couple’s Sensual Workshop:

2 day event: August 15, 2020 and August 16, 2020

From 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m 4 hours each day

$500.00 per couple.

Connection is vital to our health and abundance in life. This workshop is for everyone, married or not. Have fun exploring each other’s bodies. Learn to ask for what you want in a rewarding way. Make connections between health, sexual vitality, and relationship harmony. We all desire real connection and it is a teachable skill. If you are open to learning and exploring sexuality; you can experience profound connection, trust, empowerment, and satisfaction. The workshop includes live demonstrations of sensual massage, Orgasmic Meditation, and Penis Massage.
Things you will learn:
1. Meditation to open your heart, even with past painful experiences
2. The difference between normal sex and conscious sex
3. Better understanding of boundaries, new agreements and communication skills
4. Tips and Practices for increasing connection and awakening desire.
5. Introduction to Partnered Body Consciousness Meditation (OM)
6. Experiential exercises in sensual massage and sensate focused.
** You will need to bring a partner, comfy clothes, massage oil, a blanket, 4-5 pillows, and an open heart.

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Women’s Desire Retreat

September 18th 5:00 pm –
September 20th 10:00 am
Cost: $500
Meditation, yoga, classes on desire, finding your orgasmic self, vulnerability, your true desires, and positive self-talk. 
Follow your desires and be in your pleasure zone to clear the path to your Best Life: 
• MORE vibrant energy and well-being
• MORE effortless self-care and self-love
• MORE abundant creativity and sense of purpose
• MORE presence and peace of mind on the daily
This retreat is designed to help you connect to your desires. Learn to be in your pleasure. Learn to say yes to your needs and wants. This is a place to get in touch with your intuition, your sexual power, and your power as a woman. 
• Relaxed and refreshed 
• Become stronger mentally
• Find inner peace
• A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of life
• Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body.
• Rediscover yourself after feeling disconnected.
• Possibly find your orgasm
• Discover the desires that are hidden. 
What’s included in this package: 
• 2 nights 
• Daily soul meditation and gentle yoga sessions
• Group coaching and guidance, learning to explore desires and blocks, exercises to explore one’s sexual self and to guide you towards opening to your pleasure. Coaching on redirecting negative thoughts and how to manifest our Best Life. 
• Enjoy home cooked meals. Everyone is encouraged to bring healthy snacks to share or have as your own. We will use this time to be mindful of what our bodies need and want for nutrition. A menu will be given to all participants before the retreat. Some of the meals may be potluck style: and a sign-up sheet will go around, via the internet, once the final list of participants has been established.
Call: 405-254-0926

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Orgasmic Meditation Class
1-4 pm $50.00 per person:

This is a 3-hour class where I will cover the philosophy of Orgasmic Meditation. I will share with you how to have a deeper, more meaningful connection with yourself and with the world. OM is a fantastic way to learn how to be in your body, have mindfulness, and improved attention and focus. OM is not a sex act, but it can greatly improve your sexual desire, sensation in your body and connection with your sexual self. Find out how your entire life can be transformed by using the principles of Orgasmic Meditation. There will be a live demonstration and opportunity for everyone to try OM with a partner